Our Teams

Wet Lab

The theory has been learned, the project prepared, and protocols planned, but bringing it all to fruition will present many unexpected challenges. These expert amateur scientists work collaboratively with the dry lab team to successfully construct a plasmid, characterize biobricks, troubleshoot, and produce a viable proof of concept.
Warning: Members experience strange compulsions to include fluorescing proteins in their work!

Dry Lab

This team of Python loving bioinformatics and computer science enthusiasts aims to create software solutions that work conjointly with the wet lab project. Additionally, through advanced computational modelling, they simulate what can and can’t be done, in order to keep the crazies from the lab bench in check.

Policy and Practices

Genetically engineered organisms can present exciting but controversial solutions. Understanding where the science goes beyond the laboratory doors, in terms of ethical, environmental, and social outcomes, is this subteam’s main goal.
Anti-GMO protest near you? Develop well reasoned opinions in the matter and let the world hear your voice!

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